Gen3 Paint Protection

The Ultimate Protection Package

Existing paint protection products cannot compete with the outstanding performance of GEN-3GLASSCOAT. It is a complex formula, ceramic hardened glass finish which links and bonds to your car’s clearcoat laquer. 

It's complex formulation means that it demonstrates the characteristics of 'self cleaning' . GEN-3GLASSCOAT helps new cars retain their ‘just new’ look and revitalises the look of pre-owned vehicles. Dirt is easily washed off, ensuring that treated cars also stay looking cleaner for longer. This is unique to the market place. Deterioration of your paintwork normally associated with acid rain, pollution, solvents and road salt should no longer be an issue. GEN-3GLASSCOAT has exceptional resistance to the effects of car washes, solvents and animal matter. The GEN-3GLASSCOAT system utilises technology designed for use by NASA within the Space Industry, delivering exceptional protection in extreme temperatures and the very harshest of environments. 

GEN-3 GLASSCOAT exhibits superior cohesion and superior adhesion over waxes and polymer sealants currently on the market. The significant performance advantages over the other products are twofold:

Cohesion: The polysilazane chemistry of GEN-3 GLASSCOAT reacts out to 6-9H pencil hardness, whereas waxes, reactive silicones and acrylic polymers achieve the hardness of rubber cement. Reactive polymer chains exhibit low crosslink density- they do not readily bond to the paint surface, and this is one of the reasons that polymer based products sacrificial coatings require such intensive maintenance programmes and conservers, whereas GEN-3 GLASSCOAT does not. The molecules of GEN-3 GLASSCOAT are shorter than typical polymer chains, and each possesses multiple reactive sites. When fully reacted, GEN-3 GLASSCOAT contains hundreds to thousands of times more neighbour-to-neighbour chemical bonding than you see with polymer-to-polymer bonding. While the individual polymer strands don’t break, the low crosslink density means that they’ll separate, which causes polymer type coatings to lose their structural integrity. GEN-3 GLASSCOAT’s high crosslink density ensures excellent integrity to the paint coating, protecting against wear and degradation from the elements.

Adhesion: Like reactive polymer sealants, GEN-3 GLASSCOAT chemically reacts with hydroxyl (oxygen-hydrogen) groups. Such groups are present on other GEN-3 GLASSCOAT molecules (giving cohesion), but are also abundant on the surface of the paint/clearcoat system. GEN-3 GLASSCOAT’s high crosslink density enables it to “find” more hydroxyl groups to anchor to than is possible for a low crosslink density system, such as waxes and reactive polymers. Water vapor contributes hydroxyl groups, which makes them ubiquitous on all surfaces exposed to humidity. Proof of GEN-3 GLASSCOAT’s superior Cohesion and Adhesion: Organic solvent strips waxes and polymer paint sealants from any surface in a single swipe. Solvent molecules separate and undercut the polymers. GEN-3 GLASSCOAT, by contrast, is impervious to such solvents as mineral spirits, xylene, benzene, toluene, VM&P Naphtha, and acetone.

Such resistance strikingly demonstrates the cohesive and adhesive nature of the GEN-3 GLASSCOAT coating, and helps to explain the product's superior durability and solvent resistance performance in independent laboratory controlled testing.

GEN-3GLASSCOAT does not require any inspections or conserver type top up maintenance.  We believe that any product which requires additional top ups, conservers or inspections during the course of the guarantee period, is not in our opinion, a cost effective or value for money paint protection system for the consumer.

The GEN-3GLASSCOAT Collection ensures your interior also stays as good as new. The unique FCP hypoallergenic formula coats car seats and carpets to provide a hardwearing barrier that guards against stains and spills. It contains the industry leading PS-UV trace detection system, guaranteeing comprehensive protection. Leather interior vehicles come with the GEN-3 Leatherclean Conditioning option. 

GEN-3GLASSCOAT comes with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

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